Note From Kendall

Many men live isolated lives without a band of brothers. Competition, pride and fear cause many to face their battles alone.

We all need a brotherhood. The military understands this as well as anyone. They speak in terms of “no man left behind,” and “never alone.” Spiritually speaking, statistics show that 80 % of men will only develop into maturity within the context of real and vital friendships with other men.

I meet with men to talk about what really matters in life, beyond sports and entertainment. To help them discover what’s driving them below the surface of their lives. To help them find a band of brothers where they don’t fight their battles alone, and ultimately discover friendship with God as Father. This is life. It’s the reason Jesus came.

I have not arrived, but I have found a few pieces of the map along the way. My purpose is to encourage men on their journey, and stoke the fire of God’s purpose in their lives.