About Firestoke

What We Do

Firestoke serves men by providing spiritual direction:

  • Individual Life Mapping
    A one on one time for you to share your life story, and begin the discovery of your true identity.
  • Men’s Retreats
    A time to knock out the noise of life, and be still to care for your soul, and build spiritual friendships and a band of brothers.
  • International Vision Trip
    Opportunities to catch a greater vision for living in a story larger than your own

Our purpose is to encourage men on their spiritual journey, and fan the fire of God’s purpose in their lives. To see men stand, persevere, and overcome, as husbands, sons, fathers, and friends, and ultimately find friendship with God as Father.

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Your Story

Every man has a story to tell and needs a safe space to be heard. While meeting together one on one, a man has the opportunity to share his family story, and discover how it has impacted his life and what he believes about himself and God. There is a path of discovery, which allows a man to see his own story in a way he may have never seen it before. This unveils potential lies upon which belief systems for living have been built. These lies exposed, reveal the heart of our Father for us as sons. And knowing the heart of the Father changes everything.
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Your Soul

“A battle is raging and it is the battle for your heart…How you care for your heart is how you will care for the hearts of others…you cannot cut off your heart and expect to hear from God…Find your heart, and you will find God... God dwells in the heart.”
-John Eldredge

In addition to individual meetings for a man to tell his story, there will also be opportunities for men’s retreats. These retreats provide space for men to care for their own souls. Jesus said to his disciples, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”

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