Your Soul

This invitation from Jesus is an opportunity to be still, knock out the noise, and better understand what’s driving you.

My prayer for you is that God our Father would breathe new life into your soul, heal your wounds, and you would know and believe in your heart that you are a son who is loved as much as Jesus.

Jesus in his first public reading chose Isaiah 61. He proclaimed that he was sent by our Father to bind up the wounds of the broken-hearted. This word in Hebrew includes a description of being “shattered within.”

This fragmented brokenness going back to Adam, is profound in man although masked with many modern disguises. Wounds tend to be hidden, and help is needed to identify them and get on with life.

Our purpose is to encourage you on your journey and fan the fire of God’s purpose in your life. To see you stand, persevere, and overcome, as a husband, son, father, and friend.

Firestoke is a non-profit organization. There is no fee. Our financial partners cover the cost. Retreats and trips are on a cost basis. If you are interested in meeting, email